2 نتائج ترجمة لِ: be young
young adjective
young adjective
  • He looks young for his age.
  • A very nice young man greeted us at the door.
  • Young people today have a lot of opportunities.
  • He dreamed of being an artist when he was young.
  • The movie isn't suitable for young viewers.
  • He's still too young to buy alcohol legally.
  • Our youngest daughter just started school.
  • When I was young,” the man said, “the world was a different place.”
  • The season is still young.
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young adjective
young noun
صَغِير, صَبِيّ, فَتًى, وَلَد, شَابّ
young noun
  • music that appeals to the young
  • The very young and the elderly are particularly sensitive to the disease.
  • a robin feeding her young
  • The young of a wolf are called pups.